Loft insu­la­tion

loft insulation

loft insu­la­tion

It is very basic prin­ci­ple and rule of nature that mol­e­cules move from hot areas to cool one. And hot air blows and is replaced by the cold air always.Hence, if the area you are liv­ing is sur­rounded by cool envi­ron­ment the heat you have gen­er­ated to keep your room or home warm will move in the direc­tion of cold area and will replace it.

In a home it is usu­ally done through var­i­ous major ways like doors, win­dows chim­neys and many more, but if all of these are sealed there are still some hid­den ways that heat can find to escape, these are known as lofts.

These lofts are most of the time found in roof. So in loft insu­la­tion it becomes so dif­fi­cult for the hot energy or heat to escape from it as it does not allow any heat to pass and become resis­tant against its pas­sage. This is done with the help of a loft mate­r­ial which is filled with some air thing called air pockets.

These air pock­ets reduce the U value of the loft present any­where in the roof. This U is actu­ally the value that cal­cu­lated to know that how instantly and in what range a roof can loose the energy. The math­e­mat­i­cal sur­vey cal­cu­la­tion is ranged between 2.3 to 0.16 W/m2 k, which means that it will only allow up to five per­cent of heat loss and remain­ing ninety five will be restricted.

On the other hand some pro­fes­sion­als use R-value which on con­trary give inverse of the cal­cu­la­tions made by the U value’s cal­cu­lated. It also has a con­stant value of approx­i­mately six to seven km2/W. these lofts are nec­es­sar­ily rec­om­mended by the gov­ern­ments and NIA rec­om­men­da­tions and the val­ues that are to be used here are R-values.


Loft insu­la­tion

loft insulations

loft insu­la­tions

Ini­tially insu­la­tion was not con­sid­ered as impor­tant as to be a part of home

But now as it is dis­cov­ered so vital to save the heat and energy loss from houses, loft insu­la­tion is found essen­tial for homes to min­i­mize the elec­tric­ity and other bills gen­er­ated due to heat appliances

Gen­er­ally loft insu­la­tion is a way to insu­late a house’s roof such that it may reduce or pre­vent con­tin­u­ous heat lost from it

It hap­pens due to spaces and wide holes present in joints and lofts of ceil­ings, walls, or roof

On the whole it reduces car­bon dioxide’s effects on cli­mate and espe­cially our ozone layer to be destruc­ted and loose its efficiency

Not only this can a large amount be saved annu­ally by spend­ing your money once in building’s construction

Loft insu­la­tion is esti­mated to work min­i­mally for forty to fifty years, and you can play your part to save our cli­mate and envi­ron­ment for much of life­time period

loft insulation

loft insu­la­tion

And if your home is already con­structed and becomes com­plex to be installed by loft insu­la­tion blow insu­la­tion is very best alter­na­tive for it as it is installed with the help of an installer

The best and most appeal­ing thing about insu­la­tion is the fea­si­bil­ity of its instal­la­tion, either you can do loft instal­la­tion your­self or can call some installer for help at your door step

How­ever, other alter­na­tive tech­niques like using blow insu­la­tion should be done by a pro­fes­sional to max­i­mize its effi­cacy and working

The equip­ment or sheets spread over the lofts or mate­ri­als used to cover this lofts energy loss are gen­er­ally called as blan­kets or quilts

These mate­ri­als are named as loft DIY-er, on the other hand when mechan­i­cally installed, it takes few hours to insert or add insu­la­tion mate­r­ial in each loft present


A note on loft insulation

A note on loft insulation

A note on loft insu­la­tion

The effects of the cli­mate chang­ing day by is day is being noticed by every­one. The weather all around the world has become very unpre­dictable and every­day peo­ple are notic­ing the effects of global warming.

Today the win­ters are get­ting colder and the sum­mers are get­ting hot­ter not to for­get the prob­lems peo­ple are fac­ing due to short­age of water all around the world.

Thus the ques­tion arises on how we as a nation can help reduce the car­bon footprints?

Sta­tis­tics show that the energy that we use in our houses is one of the main rea­sons for the release in car­bon emis­sions. In coun­tries that expe­ri­ence extreme cold cli­matic con­di­tions, it has been shown that the car­bon emis­sions are a lot due to the con­stant use of the heater dur­ing the winters.

One way to help reduce the car­bon emis­sions as well as the fuel bills is by reduc­ing the tem­per­a­ture of the heater or by installing a boiler which is very effec­tive and suits your require­ments. Another method can be by installing a loft in the places where the chances of the loos­ing heat is more like the roof.

In the past loft insu­la­tion was con­sid­ered as a dirty and dif­fi­cult job which was done best by pro­fes­sion­als. This used to turn out to be very expen­sive and not every­one could afford it.

loft insulation

loft insu­la­tion

Today it has become very easy to install the loft as it is found in the form of a blan­ket. One of the main advan­tages with a loft blan­ket is that it is totally encap­su­lated which helps to ensure that the mate­ri­als within the blan­ket stays there itself and the instal­la­tion is very easy result­ing to the fact that there is no need of any pro­tec­tive eye gear or cloth­ing dur­ing the time of installation.

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