Wall insu­la­tion Types

  • Wall insulation Types

    Wall insu­la­tion Types

    Liq­uid foam insu­la­tion; the very impor­tant form because of its liq­uid prop­er­ties and spray­ing method to reach out for the places which are not read­ily accessible

    It is good also to fill all small holes etc

  • Blan­ket insu­la­tion; an ordi­nary and most used type of insu­la­tion, used exces­sively in houses mostly due to its avail­abil­ity and the non haz­ardous nature dur­ing use and after the use

    Actu­ally it is made using the fiber glass mostly

    While some­times it also made using nat­ural fibers or the plas­tic blan­kets are also available

    In the mar­ket we find it roll-packed

    It is good to be used but not the ulti­mate choice

  • Insu­lated con­crete; another type of insu­la­tion and a dif­fer­ent style of insu­lat­ing the buildings

    This is not very com­mon because it is very less used to in the houses

    Usu­ally it is used in large structures

    It is made in a way that it has blocks with con­crete inside and a sheet of poly­styrene cov­er­ing it

    These blocks are deployed where it is to be used

    It is not very effi­cient as it has cer­tain points in itself from where a heat exchange can be car­ried out

    Wall insulations Types

    Wall insu­la­tions Types

  • Loose fill insu­la­tion; named due to its avail­abil­ity in a loose form and loose use of it

    Actu­ally this insu­la­tion con­tains fiber glass or other type of fibers that are eas­ily made to fill holes and cavities

    It is some­times sprayed also because it can be, and that method is easy as com­pared to any other

    Well this type has a bit of health haz­ards and a lot of pre­cau­tion­ary mea­sures are advised when using it

  • Rigid foam insu­la­tion; the sheets made of the poly­styrene or some­times another mate­r­ial like this; pressed hard and made smooth

    The most impor­tant use of them is the place­ment of these sheets along the length of walls to make them fully insulated

    A good form indeed